An Update

So, I started my new book (henceforth known as Novel #3) two weeks ago Monday.  I have 21 pages, 5581 words, and am well into my second chapter.  I love it.  It’s going slower than I’m used to, but the fact of the matter is that my protagonist is just…well, she’s quiet.  She doesn’t much like to talk to me, but when she does, I can tell that what I write is really, really good.  Even the first draft.

I haven’t written in so, so long.  I remember with Novel #2 (that I’m rewriting now—more on that in a minute), what with school and just everything, I would go months at a time without writing anything at all.  It’s not like that with this one.  I’m writing in it every other day, religiously, and I’m just…so, so happy doing this.  Really.  And I get to just…create, and just be, and I get to see little inky pieces of my soul on the page every day.  It’s so beautiful.

And then, with Novel #2, I’m pretty much rewriting every chapter from scratch.  I’ve already upped my word count by a whole 8 pages and 2172 words (alright, so slower going than I’d like to admit, and sometimes my chapters end up actually shorter than they were, but it’s better writing, and I know it’s better, and I’ll figure out length after that, I guess).

Anyway, all this is really just to serve one purpose (aside from gushing about my books like I’m a new mom or something).  Because the writing process is going so incredibly well right now, I feel like I need to really dedicate myself to my books above all else.  Therefore, in addition to the promise of many, many more probably-annoying rants about how much I love these books, I am afraid I have to announce the end of the 642 Things to Write About prompts, at least for the time being.

That said, a little bird told me that Miss Pearl Clayton got the same book recently, so she is more than welcome to continue them if she so desires (yes, Pearl, that’s a hint).

Happy writing!

Cara Kennaway


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