A Quick Note on Word Counts

fireworksANNOUNCEMENT: I have officially reached and exceeded my minimum word count in Novel #2.  Miss Agent informed me that Young Adult novels should not be below 60,000 words, with fantasy novels easily reaching the 80,000-90,000 word count-range.  As of May 6th at about 6pm, I have 61,026 words.

So, I still have nine chapters to rewrite, plus an epilogue, and by that time I should have a nice cushion for when it’s time to edit.  Twice.  And then send to friends for critique.  And then edit again.

After that, I can probably query.  Maybe.

In the meantime, let’s celebrate with internet chocolate and virtual fireworks.  Woohoo!

Cara Kennaway


9 thoughts on “A Quick Note on Word Counts

  1. The fireworks are so beautiful and my chocolate is most tasty! Congrats and thanks for sharing your wonderful news! :)

  2. In which Pearl is a bad friend and should probably come on this blog and check to see if anyone’s posted waaaaaaaay more often than she does.


    Well, I here offer my very belated commendations and expressions of admiration. Novel #2 is the one with the culture clashing, the diplomatically complicated subplots, and the scribe with the fantastic name, right? (Was that sufficiently vague for online posting?)

    Godspeed as you embark on the editing process (whenever you get to that bit)!

    1. In which Cara is a magnanimously forgiving friend because she hasn’t even really been on her own blog in nearly a month and can’t really point fingers. :-)

      Go raibh maith agat, a chara! (I should probably just take this moment as an opportunity to express my apologies for the excessive use of Irish in my daily life.) Actually, though, Novel #2 is the one featuring orphans, thieves, crowns, a surprisingly nice palace guard, and an OTP without a snazzy name (oh, wait, that last part applies to both of them. Oops.). You’re thinking of Novel #3. (By the way, well done on your strategic vagueness, sir! I applaud you!)

      How’s your writing coming?

      1. Ach, there’s no need to apologize for excessive use of Irish. It’s good to follow one’s passions. The rest of us will just smile politely and have no idea what you’re saying ever. ;-)

        That makes sense. I was mildly confused, since I knew the orphans/thieves/crowns one is your great project and the other one is still in its early stages. I’m now thinking that whatever Novel #1 is/was must’ve been a focus before we became friends.

        As for how my writing’s coming – hahahahahahahaha it’s not. Unless you count the 1500-word-long emails and occasional poems I’ve been composing, that is. This is due to lack of confidence rather than lack of ideas. Several days ago I pounded out the first page of a story I’ve been mulling over for quite some time, and ever since then the document icon has been staring at me balefully from my desktop, asking if I’m going to be brave enough to continue. I guess we’ll see…

        1. Ah, go raibh maith agat, a chara! I’m glad you don’t mind. Polite smiles and confusion are always acceptable. :-D (Also, Google Translate is slightly inaccurate, but it should at least help.)

          Yeah, Novel #1 happened from fifth grade until my thirteenth birthday, when I (finally) finished drafting, shoved it in a drawer, and haven’t looked at it since. I’ve recently been considering returning to the story again at some point, but I think I’ll just scrap everything I wrote before and start over with a vaguely, sort of recognizable plot, and everything else from scratch. But that is a project for another day.

          This is sad. You should write. I read somewhere once that the first draft of anything should always be for you (and then the editing should be for other people so you can sell it and maybe make something resembling an actual profit on it), and that you shouldn’t judge it until you’re editing. I’m trying to do that with Novel #3, and even #2 to a certain point with my rewriting, and I think it’s valuable advice. Just write whatever you want to write for now, and give yourself permission to write something terrible but enjoyable. You can make it not terrible and even more enjoyable later. The first draft is yours.


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