Day 19: Fress

Thanks again to Pearl for being awesome the last two days so I could focus on my other commitments!

Word of the Day:



Slang. to eat or snack, especially often or in large quantities.

Here we go:

It’s true: I tend to fress when I’m nervous.  Call it a quirk; call it a shortcoming—whatever you call it, I would argue that it should not be classified as a reason to be fired.

I mean, yeah, okay, maybe it wasn’t the best idea in the world to eat some of the fries I was delivering to my table, but it was my first day, and the table I was serving was cranky, and the food was right there.

What would you have done?  That’s what I thought.

Cara Kennaway


4 thoughts on “Day 19: Fress

  1. You’re welcome again. And welcome back! This is quite funny. It does make me curious, though: are you ever tempted to snag a plantain chip or two when you’re taking soup to someone?

    1. Hm. Now that you mention it…Not really. Like, I could just grab some of them whenever, if I really wanted them. That said, when I make really beautiful milk foam for a cambric…Yes. I want that. Thankfully, I’m highly disciplined.

  2. I don’t see that Ava has any right to go around scoffing at my theories. Look, I know that Judy’s only been married six months, and I was there when she gave her whole speech about how they were going to wait for however many years before having kids because of money or school or whatever. I get it. I get there was a plan. I get that Ava sticks to plans like glue and that the thought of a plan changing is totally unthinkable to her.

    But I have known Judy for a solid five years (more, even) and I have *never* seen her fress like this. Normally she eats like a bird. One of those “Oh, I ate an orange for breakfast this morning, so I won’t need to eat again until 3” types. And suddenly she starts going through half a bag of potato chips a day and begging me to bring cookies when I’m coming over to visit? Please. There has to be an explanation. And when taken with all those very telling poems about babies she’s started writing…

    Yeah. Ava can agree with me or not. I don’t care. I know what I know. Give it a few weeks more, and then we’ll just see.

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