Awkward Writer Moments

A conversation that played out in my head after a full day of researching medical information for Novel #2:

Me:  What happened to your arm?

Girl with Arm in Sling:  I broke it.

Me:  Dang.  I was hoping you’d been stabbed.


…I think Awkward Writer Moments needs to be a thing.  God knows I have enough of them.

Cara Kennaway


3 thoughts on “Awkward Writer Moments

  1. Awkward Writer Moments are definitely a thing.

    If this conversation really only happened in your head, though, I’m not entirely sure it counts…

    1. I see your point, but the issue was that I actually considered having this conversation–had actually drawn breath to ask what happened before I realized how creepy, heartless, and psychopathic my likely response would sound. Like, this almost happened. Even worse, this was while I was picking up a couple shifts for someone else’s retail business.

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