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On the Unexpected Literary Merit in Folk Music

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I’d touch on an oft-neglected topic: the literary value of song lyrics.  Particularly, lyrics in traditional Irish folk songs.* Continue reading On the Unexpected Literary Merit in Folk Music


The South Side

Do Not Disturb Writer At Work I feel like I should begin with an apology for not posting sooner.  But, see, I’ve been writing two novels, and I’m trying to relearn Latin, and I just really haven’t had anything to say that I didn’t say in my last post.  So.  Consider me thoroughly ashamed and desperately sorry.

A few updates before I really start ranting:



  • The every-other-day writing arrangement wasn’t working, because I simply couldn’t get into either book enough to make quality progress.  Therefore, I’ve switched to a fairly relaxed regimen in which I try to switch books every week, but don’t always.  This seems to be working rather well.
  • I have recently begun to indulge two of my obsessions: Latin (which isn’t very relevant) and Irish Gaelic (which I promise will be at least slightly relevant in a moment).  Yes, I have a thing for languages with little practical use.
  • One of the factors that reignited my passion for Irish and made learning it into a tangible goal is a YouTube user by the name of TG Lurgan (I swear to God this will be relevant in a moment.  Pinky promise.), which is the account for an Irish-language summer school, Coláiste Lurgan, which covers pop songs in Irish.  They are awesome and I love them forever.

So.  Novel #2 is the pursuit of my endeavors this week, and it’s coming along so well I just want to dance.  I’ve added 730 words in just two chapters (which is better than it sounds, with my track record), and I’ve added a fair amount more worldbuilding than was present before.  I feel like this is really making my story come alive in a way it couldn’t before.  I’ve also noticed that my writing style is significantly darker this time around, but I suppose that’s an expected difference between the writing of a middle schooler and that of a high school graduate (yes, I’ve been working on it that long).

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